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Inspire Nunavut is an experiential social entrepreneurship training program designed specifically for youth living in Nunavut. Merging the driving principles of traditional business with the mechanics of social entrepreneurship, while also integrating Inuit culture and values, Inspire Nunavut provides youth in Nunavut with an opportunity to create new solutions in their communities via entrepreneurship. 


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It’s incredible the things we can accomplish if we believe in ourselves.
— Micheal Milton, PROGRAM ALUMNI, FOUNDER of High Arctic Apparel
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Our unique experiential curriculum uses leading methods and tools like design thinking and lean startup principles to deliver content that is tailored to Inuit culture and values. 

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We help youth create viable social business models that fit within both the socio-cultural and economic dimensions of their environment. Social entrepreneurship principles are taught in conjunction with Inuit culture and values.

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We empower youth by teaching them essential life skills, encouraging creativity, by connecting them with Inuit leaders for cultural empowerment, and by fostering personal development and wellness.