Joshua has been a hunter ever since he could remember. His passion is to go out on the calm, peaceful land. Josh joined Inspire Nunavut to start his own hunting supply store.  He wants all hunters to have better quality, and more affordable options to go out on the land . Too many times has he seen friends and family go out on the land without the proper equipment, because it was just too expensive at the store.

Today, Josh is the proud owner of  Haulli's Hunting Supplies .- providing hunters with only the best quality and fair prices. He sells everything form knives, to locally-made bearded seal skin ropes.

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Cheryl has over 11 years of experience as a hairdresser, nail technician and makeup artist. After joining Inspire Nunavut, Cheryl decided to take these skills and put them to work!  Cheryl’s Do or Dye Hair & Beauty Services is a full-service salon in Arviat that offers beauty, cosmetic and personal care services such as haircuts, styles, and nail treatments. .

With happy customers, Cheryl is continuing to grow her business and building a large customer base in Arviat. Cheryl’s ultimate goal is to become a certified cosmetologist and be able to provide additional services to her clientele.



Chelsey St.John has always had a passion for sewing and designing. While participating in the Inspire Nunavut program, she founded Sophia’s Outerwear, an e-commerce store offering handmade winter clothing for all ages. Each garment is designed and sewn with care by Chelsey herself.  Chelsey takes pride in her ability to create beautiful, distinct designs that will keeps her customers warm during the cold Arctic winters .

Chelsey believes in the importance of having warm, well made clothing for all her community.  Sophia's Outerwear has committed to providing members of the community who lack warm clothing with garments through her Buy One Give One (BOGO) initiative.  Customers can purchase warm clothing for themselves and Chelsey will sew a warm winter parka specially for someone who needs one. 


Nelson Tagoona is an independent musician with a passionate drive to inspire youth to find their voice and confidence. Stemming from personal life experiences, Nelson is a positive role model and a motivational speaker, sharing feelings of hope and strength to those of all ages. After much success in the music industry, Nelson launched  Project Spotlight, an innovative youth program focused on utilizing the performing arts, music, motivational speaking and digital technology as a tool to help youth realize their potential and inspirational drive.  Project Spotlight runs one, three, and five day workshops that focus on building confidence, leadership, public speaking and mental health through the creation of and lessons about music.



Kirsten Kaludjak and Lindsay Kidlapik have been baking ever since they could remember. The two busy mothers saw the joy their friends and families experienced when eating their baked goods, so they decided to launch K&L Pastries and Catering to provide their treats to more people around Arviat at a lower cost than the local grocery store.

 K&L Pastries and Catering creates deserts such as cupcakes, pastries, and cakes; for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or just for anyone with a sweet tooth and a craving!  Kirsten and Lindsay hope to eventually expand their business and provide catering services in communities across Nunavut.